We met up with Michael Creppy Jr. to talk about his journey as an author and professional basketball player overseas while balancing his consultant company. Check out the question and answer interview.

Q: Where were you born and raised?

A: I was born in Pasadena,CA and I was raised in Silver Spring, MD.

Q: How many years have you played professional basketball?

A: I have played professionally for eight years.

Q: What college did you attend/graduate from?

A: I graduated from the University of California Riverside. We competed in the Big West Conference in the NCAA.

Q: What professional teams have you played for?

A: I have played for the Worcester Wolves located in the United Kimgdom. I played for Team FOG Næstved in Denmark, Ilysiakos in Greece, the Manchester Giants and, Cheshire Phoenix both located in the United Kingdom. And most recently I played for Maia Basket in Portugal.

Q: What was your first investment and when?

A: My company “Vindicated Sports” in 2017. Vindicated Sports is a full service International Basketball Consulting firm. Clients will have full access to my entire network to advise them and establish relationships that will be beneficial to all parties involved.


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Q: How did you become a business owner?

A: I thought about how I could monetize my experiences playing overseas and came up with the idea. There is a void in this business of professional basketball, especially overseas. Many players need help with planning their career and reaching agents as well as team officials. I wanted to bridge the gap and add value to players who need the extra help. With my experience and contacts that I have gathered over my eight year career, I am able to assist in almost any market around the world.

Q: What/who inspired you to explore investing and business ownership?

A: Kobe Bryant and Lebron James both inspired me.

Q: What book would you recommend?

A: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Q: What financial advice would you give to a rookie athlete?

A: 1. Think of ways while youʼre still playing to monetize your experiences on and off of the court. Especially the bad ones. Youʼll be surprised how many will identify with your struggles and triumphs.

2. You will meet many influential business individuals over the course of your career who are fans of yours or your team. Use that access while youʼre still playing, to ignite your off-court financial portfolio which will help your transition after your career be seamless.

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